Upper Limb Deficiencies

Upper Limb Deficiencies

Many expectant parents excitedly await their child’s arrival and the accompanying joys of parenthood. When a child has a birth defect, parents may be thrown into a whirlwind of emotion and medical concerns as they rush to figure out how to care for their newborn.

For example, in rare cases, babies can be born with their arms or legs improperly formed. These types of birth defects are known as an upper and lower limb deficiencies.

Approximately 1,500 infants per year suffer from limb deficiencies, which occur when a baby’s arms or legs fail to form properly in the womb. Babies with upper limb deficiencies may have arms or hands that are smaller than normal or missing. Most babies have some part of the arm left intact; complete loss of an arm is rare. Still, upper limb deficiencies can be severe.

Infants with Upper Limb Deficiencies

Infants with upper limb deficiencies may have difficulty with motor skills, self-care and physical activity, as well as social and emotional issues. As they grow up, children who have an upper limb deficiency may be treated with artificial limbs, splints, braces, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and, in some cases, surgery.  Treatment plans often depend on the child’s own adaptability; in many cases, kids with these birth defects do much better on their own than physicians could have predicted. Because of this, it’s hard to predict which treatments and therapies will be required as an infant matures.

The exact cause of an upper limb deficiency or related birth defects may be difficult to pinpoint. Some research has suggested exposure to various viruses, chemicals or medications as potential causes. Exposure to tobacco smoke could also contribute to these defects. Finally, some upper limb deficiencies can occur after birth. This often happens during accidents or trauma, but may also be the result of cancer, disease, infection, or blood vessel abnormalities.

Hiring an Upper Limb Deficiency Lawyer

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