Prevacid Lawyer

Hiring a Prevacid Lawyer for PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor) Cases

If your child developed a birth defect after you took Prevacid during pregnancy, a Prevacid lawyer can help you file a claim and get the compensation you deserve. Prevacid belongs to a class of drugs known as PPI (proton pump inhibitors). These medications inhibit the production of stomach acid, which reduces the risk of ulcers and eases heartburn and other symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease GERD). Unfortunately, Prevacid birth defects sometimes result from the use of this drug during gestation.

Reasons for Hiring a Prevacid Lawyer

Prevacid belongs to FDA pregnancy category C, which means that researchers do not expect it to cause harm to a developing fetus. However, animal studies show that topical application of 5.5 times the human dose of Prevacid leads to fetal death and fetal exposure to the drug. Prevacid birth defects may occur if a pregnant woman uses high doses of Prevacid or takes Prevacid for a long period of time.

Prevacid Lawyer Selection

Finding an experienced Prevacid lawyer is essential if you want to improve your chances of winning a Prevacid lawsuit. When you meet with an attorney, you should ask several questions.

  • Do you have experience handling Prevacid cases or cases related to other dangerous drugs?
  • Have you won any cases related to dangerous drugs?
  • What is your approach to this type of case?

Testimonials from past clients can also help you select the right Prevacid lawyer for your needs.

Prevacid Lawyer Consultation

Prepare for a consultation with a Prevacid lawyer by gathering any documents related to your child’s medical condition. Medical reports, bills for medical services and related documents will give the attorney the information needed to determine a plan of action. Once you retain a Prevacid lawyer, the attorney may ask you for additional information to support your claim.

Prevacid Lawsuit Benefits

Prevacid birth defects affect the kidneys, lungs, bladder and heart. These defects sometimes result in serious complications that require extensive medical treatment and endanger the lives of innocent children. Filing a Prevacid lawsuit can help you get financial help to pay for treatment-related expenses.

If your child has one or more birth defects, and you took Prevacid during pregnancy, contact one of Chaffin Luhana LLP’s experienced Prevacid lawyers immediately. One of our skilled attorneys will review your case at no cost to you. Call us at 1-800-480-1123.