Depakote Lawsuit

A Depakote Lawsuit May Address Birth Defects

Since a study in June 2010 linked Depakote with an increased risk of birth defects in infants whose mothers used this medication, some parents of infants with these problems are seeking compensation through lawsuits.  A Depakote lawyer can help you determine if you deserve compensation as a result of a birth defect caused by Depakote. In some cases, a lawsuit is appropriate.

Depakote, also known by the generic term “valporic acid” increases the risk of an infant developing spina bifida more than 12 times, especially when used during the first trimester of pregnancy. This was reported by the New England Journal of Medicine.

Depakote Birth Defects

Depakote lawsuits often involve spina bifida, the most serious birth defect associated with Depakote. In the most serious cases of this incurable illness, a portion of the spinal cord is contained in a soft sac that protrudes from the spine. This deformity and others have sparked Depakote lawsuits against the medication’s manufacturers. If you have questions about a particular situation, a Depakote lawyer can help you understand your legal rights.

Depakote lawsuits have also arisen because Depakote use in mothers increases the risk of cleft palate. Babies whose mothers used this medication have five times the chance of developing cleft palate.

Other birth defects potentially caused by use of this medication include atrial septal defects (a heart condition), hypospadias (malformation of the male urethra) and craniosynostosis (bones in the skull fuse too early in the baby’s development). A lawyer cannot provide medical advice, but may be able to help you understand your rights and the legal ramifications of Depakote birth defects.

Finding a Depakote Lawyer

Finding a Depakote lawyer during the early stages of your case can increase your odds of a successful case. Your legal team can help you navigate every step of your case, from filing a Depakote lawsuit to appearing in court.

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