Zelmid Birth Defects

Zelmid and the Risk of PPHN

Zelmelidine, also known by the brand names Normud and Zelmid, was among the earliest selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) to be widely prescribed. The medication was developed by a Swedish company to treat depression in the 1980s and appeared on the market in 1982. It was later banned because of serious, sometimes fatal side effects, including Guillain-Barré syndrome and suicidal ideation.

Like other SSRIs, this medication can cause Zelmid birth defects. One such defect is persistent pulmonary hypertension of a newborn (PPHN). PPHN is a problem stemming from improper development of the circulatory system.

Babies in the womb get oxygen from the umbilical cord, but after birth, the baby begins to breathe on its own, and pulmonary blood flow increases. This switch typically happens during the first day of an infant’s life. Babies with Zelmid birth defects like PPHN don’t make the switch properly, however, so blood flow to the lungs is restricted.

Zelmid Birth Defects

Along with PPHN, potential Zelmid birth defects include heart murmurs or heart defects, abdominal defects and cranial defects. If your child has experienced these serious health problems associated with SSRIs, contact a Zelmid lawyer.

Zelmid lawyers cannot provide medical advice, but they can help you wade through the complexities of your individual case. They have helped other patients like you, and will lead you through the process.

It seems pharmaceutical companies prefer that you believe birth defects like PPHN are simply bad luck, but they may also be side effects of SSRIs. In these cases, it can be helpful to contact a legal professional who can act as an impartial advisor.

Contact a Zelmid Lawyer

Although starting a Zelmid lawsuit can seem scary and intimidating, Zelmid lawyers have experience in this process. If your baby was born with abdominal defects, heart defects or cranial defects, and you used Zelmid during pregnancy, contact a Zelmid lawyer. He or she can help you figure out if you’re entitled to compensation and advise you about starting a Zelmid lawsuit.

Chaffin Luhana lawyers are experienced in litigating on behalf of patients who experience serious side effects of Zelmid, such as PPHN or other birth defects. For a complimentary case review, contact a Zelmid lawyer today at 1-888-480-1123.